About Androidputing Inc.

Androidputing Logo Androidputing Inc. builds, distributes, and maintains a wide array of efficient Android applications designed to run on the 2.2 Billion mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers running Google Android OS. Headquartered in the United States and working with a global team expert Android developers we create applications which engage a diverse spectrum of virtual content and services.

Androidputing Inc. designs applications to allow users to share knowledge, opinions, and creations as well as to create and collaborate with other like minded users around the world. Androidputing Inc. creates applications to give users the tools and power to easily search the web and explore the Internet in the palm of the hand letting users see, connect, and learn about the world around them. In addition Androidputing Inc. multiplayer 3D and 2D games provide endless hours of entertainment, fun, and education flavored for the whole family .

Androidputing Inc. gives users the ability to alter, change, and customize some Androidputing Inc. apps in any way they desire. To facilitate this Androidputing Inc. supports Open Source code initiatives and releases some Android application source code under various open source licenses. For more information about the Androidputing Inc. Open Source support initiatives see Source.