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Android Sliding Tile Puzzle Flavored Sliding Tile Puzzle App Game
"Finding a solution is easy, but finding the shortest solution is NP-Hard!"

Android mobile users might remember playing the classic 15 puzzle (aka: Fifteen Puzzle, Mystic Square, Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Minus Cube, or Magic Cube). It is the oldest type of sliding block logic puzzle invented by Noyes Chapman who called it the "Block Solitaire Puzzle" and it caused a puzzle craze in 1880. This sliding block puzzle or sliding tile puzzle Android App is themed to various images and challenges the player with 3 different levels of solving difficulty. Play endless hours of strategical mind exercising game fun with the Sliding Tile Puzzle!

FACT: Bobby Fischer was an expert at solving the 15-Puzzle game within 25 seconds, Bobby Fischer demonstrated this on November 8, 1972 on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.


- Each App Version Is Themed Differently And Comes Preloaded With 50 Themed Images!
- Option To Choose A Custom Image From SD Card For Puzzle!
- Select 3x3 (8), 4x4 (15), Or 5x5 (24) Puzzle Size!
- Number Of Moves To Solve Puzzle Stats!
- Simple User (GUI) Anyone Can Operate!
- Test Your Memory!
- Exercise Your Brain With Logical Thinking!



For the 15-puzzle, lengths of optimal solutions range from 0 to 80 single-tile moves or 43 multi-tile moves; the 8-puzzle always can be solved in no more than 31 single-tile moves or 24 multi-tile moves (integer sequence A087725). The number of possible positions of the 24-puzzle is 25!/2 ? 7.761024 which is too many to calculate God's number. In 2011, a lower bound of 152 single-tile moves had been established; current established upper bound is 208 single-tile moves or 109 multi-tile moves. For its generalization the n-puzzle, the problem of finding an optimal solution is known to be NP-hard. Therefore, whether a practical God's algorithm for this problem exists remains unknown, but appears unlikely.

An algorithm for finding optimal solutions for Rubik's Cube was published in 1997 by Richard Korf. While it had been known since 1995 that 20 was a lower bound on the number of moves for the solution in the worst case, it was proved in 2010 through extensive computer calculations that no configuration requires more than 20 moves. Thus 20 is a sharp upper bound on the length of optimal solutions. This number is known as God's number.


WARNING: You must have Android 2.0 API level 5 (Eclair) or higher version level to run this APP. This APP requires pressure/size touch support, if your device does not have this feature the APP will not work.

TIP:Press the "Menu" or action overflow button beside the system navigation at bottom of screen to select options or add images.

Portions of this APP description were written with as a source.

This app is Open Source under the GNU License Version 3.0, the license and the source code are available here.

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