Availible Open Source Code For Some Androidputing Inc. Apps

The Source Code for all Adrodputing Android Applications is Open Source and utilizes one of the following licenses, MIT, Apache v2.0, Eclipse v1.0, GNU GPL v2, or GNU GPL v3.0 Please see individual APP Source Code file "COPYING" included with the Source Code Files, for License details and a copy of the license. Some graphical images and pictures within the apps or source code are copyrighted and may not be used without permission others are public domain. If you have any questions about the source code or graphical images and pictures please Contact Us.


Boudreaux Bayou Crawfish Hunt v1.0.1 Tarball
Daily Newspaper Crossword Puzzles v1.0.3 Tarball
Falcon Internet Browser (BASE) v1.0.1
Laser Cycle Racer Metro Maze v1.0.1 Tarball
Sliding Picture Puzzle v1.0.1 (BASE) Tarball
Snow Queen's Frozen Ice Palace v1.0.1 Tarball
USA Missile Defense Command v1.0.1 Tarball
Whiteboard Color Pro v1.0.1 Tarball